Tuesday, November 07, 2006

An Interesting Java Puzzler
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Try to figure out the output of the following code...

public class Assignment {
public static void main(String[] a) throws Exception {
int tricky = 0;
for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++)
tricky += tricky++;

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Got Beans???

Sun and the NetBeans community took an important step forward today with the open-source availability of NetBeans 5.5 Integrated Development Environment (IDE), now available for download at www.netbeans.org.

NetBeans 5.5 is the first and only freely available IDE to provide comprehensive support for Java EE 5, the industry standard for developing portable, robust, scalable, and secure server-side Java applications.

NetBeans 5.5 comes with a variety of new features, including Java Persistence API and JAX WS 2.0 productivity tools, subversion support, and enhancements to the intuitive NetBeans GUI Builder.

"The release of NetBeans 5.5 IDE and the value added-packs is a great example of the tremendous momentum Sun is experiencing with our open source initiative," said Laurie Tolson, vice president, Java Developer Products and Programs at Sun Microsystems.

NetBeans 5.5 makes it easy to develop Java applications or build rich client applications on the NetBeans Platform. And it ensures the common look and feel of applications across Solaris, OpenSolaris, Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Apple Macintosh OS X. NetBeans 5.5 also supports Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE), Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE), and Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME).

Five new value-added packs are now available for NetBeans 5.5:

  • NetBeans Enterprise Pack adds all the tools necessary for writing, testing, and debugging service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications, energizing development and enhancing productivity across the key aspects of SOA applications.

  • NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.5 introduces support for JSR-226, allowing developers to utilize Scalable Vector Graphics in their Java ME applications.

  • NetBeans Profiler 5.5 adds support for new runtime environments and makes it easier to profile Enterprise Java Beans (EJB).

  • NetBeans Visual Web Pack allows developers to easily develop standards-based Web applications. Available with a rich visual design environment and industry leading support for Ajax-enabled JavaServer Faces components, NetBeans Visual Web Pack helps developers power their build out of next-generation Web applications.

  • NetBeans C/C++ Pack (beta) provides support for C/C++ application development in the NetBeans IDE. Developers can use the NetBeans IDE, in conjunction with their specified set of compilers and tools, to build native applications.