Thursday, February 12, 2009

Conscience Constitution

As life moves on and the complexity of life increases.. One starts finding the need for a box of principles he must stand on in short called Conscience Constitution. As every administration needs a rule book based on which decisions needs to be made, human life planning and administration also needs a constitution to move the life in right direction. If not, life will be a small boat travelling in an ocean without any compass. Without a compass like conscience constitution, human life will be directionless boat in an ocean, which moves ahead not based upon its own direction but under the influences of temporary satisfactions and emotional imbalances just like sea winds and tornados.

Why Conscience Constitution?

· It gives life a direction

· It directs our life in our own defined direction

· It makes life’s decision making process simple and effective.

· It provides you better control over your life

· It shields you from societal malfunctions like Mass Hysteria, Visionless influences and many more.

Real Life Scenarios

Have you ever in life confused on how to react to a specific situation and feared taking a wrong decision. For example, from childhood if you are interested in being a doctor and there comes and a point where you need to take Maths or Biology in after your class 12, People start influencing you. They try to scare that becoming a doctor needs a lot of hard work, you need to get very promising rank in the entrance examination, you need to face very high competition, it’s very unlikely u succeed, better take Engineering stream. Here comes the dilemma. Should I choose what I really want and take responsibility later for my decision or should I move on with the crowd choosing a safer option.

Person 1 (Who finds the above example very easy to solve)

The person who finds above example not that complex to handle must be having three principles already mentioned in his Conscience Constitution.

· Follow your heart.

· Don’t get influenced by others

· You have enough strength and confidence to take care of your family even in adverse conditions.

Person 2 (Who feels he is in dilemma in this situation)

This person too has a conscience constitution but he finds the points in it confliction each other

· Follow your heart

· Don’t be over confident about your skills

· Family is your first priority

· You can’t do which you don’t like

This person will be in serious dilemma and struggles to make decision and starts finding answers from others. Most likely he ends up taking the decision of the last person he has consulted before making the final decision.

Person 3 (Who has no concept of Conscience Constitution)

This person either has too many points or no points in his CC which stops him from thinking when he makes decision. These kind of persons just do off things randomly and struggle later to find excuses for their acts and finally end up with a compromising life.

Formulating Conscience Constitution

Everyone has basic CC which has the basic ethics and morals which were taught to us in our childhood. We never think of stabbing anyone or hitting anyone without any reason. We say sorry when we do mistakes. These kind of basic things will always be in the initial pages of our CC. As life in childhood, is pretty simple and is always under constant support of parents, we don’t need much of our CC other than these basics. As life moves on and things get complicated, there comes the need to add more points to our CC to make future decision making effective and less error prone.

So now how to add new points to our CC. Our mind has two power centers for decision making. One is our Mind and the other is Heart. A person is called too practical if he uses his Mind most of the times and called too emotional if he uses his Heart instead. When to use what is purely dependent upon ones social upbringing and one needs to consider these when he adds points to his CC.

The first point by default to be added always is “Never Violate CC at any cost”. If this is not in place, there is no point in having a CC.

To be Continued…