Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Sun Sets!

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In a way i’m happy my dream company is redirecting to my current working company but on the other sad that my fav brand Sun is no more!!

I think me along with majority of Java Developers across the globe who visit more than their nearest temple will surely miss the Sun and its branding!

  • I love the way they introduce new technologies ofcourse with sheer innovation
  • I love their branding especially the saffron S curve on the left of every banner/slide/presentation
  • I love the way they present their tutorials and documentation related to their technologies. In fact its the best.
  • I love the way they brought programming from the hands of geeks who spend their life in labs to normal humans who want to program in the morning but enjoy late in the evening.

Not sure if Sun is the only source of light for the whole Solar System, but I can say the Sun in this context surely the Sun for the developers.

I think every company in the world should learn from Sun

  • How to brand a product so that it wil reach maximum audience
  • How to stay committed to a philisophy even though it may be in the best interst of its balance sheets
  • How to present your technology and innovation to a huge student community, who infact are ur future evangelists.
  • How to make a product or brand make a lasting impression in the customers/consumers such that even when the company dissolves, there will be people like me blog posts in remembrance of it.

Often economics and balance sheets bypass your priorities when you love something beyond a limit. I guess this is what happened with Sun in the context of innovation

As Superman says, with power there comes great responsibility..

Oracle with a diamond called Sun in their kitty, its high time to leverage best value from it both to the company and to the whole of Sun Customers and fans like me..

Recent happenings are encouraging as Oracle showing signs of commitment towards continuing the Sun’s Innovation and Vision.

I wish both Oracle and Sun Team all the best not only because i’m part of Oracle but also because my fav brand is in the hands of Oracle..

A suitable caption for Oracle competing with much popular Intel Inside.. would be