Saturday, December 29, 2007

Heights of Boredom

Courtesy: My Training Room in office ;-)
It Happens Only In India

Courtesy: BigBazaar, RTC Crossroads,Hyderabad.

Monday, December 24, 2007

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Break Down Rules !!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Well Well Well, ladies and gentleman, bhayiyo our behano.

Finally the day has come!!! The day for which i have been waiting ever since 4 years right after my EAMCET counselling.

The day which gave my parents, my brother, my bhabhi, my friends, my well wishers…the loads of happiness.

The day which gave me loads of self satisfaction. Before you imagine something else, i will jus tell u what it is…its the day when i have cleared all four interviews of oracle.

Well it may not be among the greatest achievements for a student, but for me it really is. There is a valid reason for it. I haven’t studied in a great school, not a great rank in EAMCET, not from premier institutes like IIT's or IISc's and haven’t got great percentage either. But still i have managed to do get into a big product development company...

Its time for celebrations…my next post will be my interview experience from round 1 to round 4. Keep visiting dis space…

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Would you like to know if your mobile is original or not ?????

Press the following on your mobile*#06# and the-international mobile equipment identity number appears. Then check the 7th and 8th numbers:







7 th

8 th








Phone serial no.
















If the Seventh & Eighth digits are 02 or 20 this means your cell phone was assembled in Emirates which is very Bad quality

If the Seventh & Eighth digits are 08
or 80 this means your cell phone was manufactured in Germany which is fair quality

If the Seventh & Eighth digits are 01 or 10 this means your cell phone was manufactured in Finland which is very Good

If the Seventh & Eighth digits are 00 this means your cell phone was manufactured in original factory which is the best Mobile Quality

If the Seventh & Eighth digits are 13 this means your cell phone was assembled in Azerbaijan which is very Bad quality and also dangerous for your health

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Determining if an integer is a power of 2

Ever wondered how to find if an integer is a power of 2 in a single statement,
this is a piece of code 4 u...

unsigned int v; // we want to see if v is a power of 2
bool f; // the result goes here

f = (v & (v - 1)) == 0;

Note that 0 is incorrectly considered a power of 2 here. To remedy this, use:

f = !(v & (v - 1)) && v;

This is how it works...

Case 1: Let v = 10 ,v - 1 = 9

Lets test v & (v-1)==0

v = 1010, v = 1001

1010 (v)

& 1001 (v-1)
1000 v & (v-1)(8 in decimal form)
v & (v -1) == 0 -> 8 (which is treated as true)== 0(false)

Hence, false is returned and 10 not a power of two.

Considering the alternative

!(v & (v - 1)) && v

!(8) && 10 -> 0 && 1 -> 0(Remember, any number greater than 0 in C is considered
as true and its negation is false i.e. 0 as '!' is
a logical operator.)

Case 2: Let v = 8 ,v - 1 = 7

Lets consider v & (v-1)==0

v = 1000, v = 0111

1000 (v)
& 0111 (v-1)
0000 v & (v-1)(0 in decimal form)
v & (v -1) == 0 gives 0 == 0 Returns true

Hence 8 is a power of two.

Considering the alternative

!(v & (v - 1)) && v

!(0) && 8 -> 1(true) && 1 (true)-> 1(true)(Remember, any number greater than 0 in C considered as true and its negation is false i.e. 0 as '!' is a logical operator.)

Hence 8 is a power of 2.

Friday, September 21, 2007

A Small Funny Tutorial on Pointers from Stanford

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Punctuation Matters!!! really matters..isn't it???

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Indian 'Thriller' - Chiranjeevi Song Getting World Wide Popularity

Well most of the people who either belong to Andhra Pradesh or ever heard of Tollywood know about Chiranjeevi, The Megastar. Well there is a movie of him called 'DONGA' released in late 80's in which there was a song whose video was copied from Micheal Jackson's 'Thriller'. You can check dis out here

And dis video in YouTube became so popular that it got
Views: 4,348,504 | Comments: 8990 | Favorited: 23000 times

Due to its popularity in YouTube, there came a subtitle version of it too...

Due to its increasing popularity, people started making their own videos of this very old telugu song imitating Chiranjeevi Dance Steps in it..

A Comedian Version of it..

Last but not the least, a group of people gave a small performance too based on dis..
Watch out for the cheer from the crowd..

I always wished Indian Cinema should get international recognition but never dis way ;-)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

14 year old crashes his dad's new 50 grand car minutes after its bought

This is the story of an happy father and an over enthusiastic son. When happiness, love together encourages over enthusiasm, this is what going to happen

How Hard Disk Works???

Ever wondered who actually the read/write, Copy/Paste, Format operations are performed in the Hard Disk??? Check dis out..

Monday, September 03, 2007

RGV ki (D)AAG - Movie Review By Rajeev Masand

Check out dis video of Rajeev Masand in anger reviewing the movie RGV ki (D)AAG

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dilbert - The Fact




Monday, August 27, 2007

Can anyone tell me what this is or what language it's from? If you paste this character and begin typing, all of your text is transformed into right-to-left format. Bizarre! U can start trying this one right away by pasting this character in your address bar...

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

PIL against Rahman, Mittal for ‘slighting’ Anthem

A public interest litigation (PIL) has been filed in the Madras High Court against music composer A R Rahman and AirTel Chairman Sunil Mittal on the charge of dishonouring and commercialising the National Anthem.

On Independence Day, the Anthem, sung by 35 persons to the music set by Rahman, was telecast in some TV channels. J Mohanraj (55), a retired inspector of Chennai, has filed the PIL seeking stay on the sale of CDs and telecast of Rahman’s version and direction to the Government to confiscate the CDs.

“It has been stipulated in the anthem code that the longer version of the anthem should be sung in 52 seconds. But, these singers have violated the code by rendering the anthem for 98 to 110 seconds, Mohanraj told this website’s newspaper.

Second, when this “remix” was telecast, viewers were in various positions and thus unable to pay respect due prescribed. This amounts to dishonouring the anthem, V Manikandan, legal counsel said.

Further, the anthem has been “tampered with” for commercial benefits in the garb of patriotism. “Rahman has handled the anthem as if it were a cinema song,” Mohanraj added.
Due credits to the original source

This is the recent news i came across...!!! I don't want to talk much about dis issue. But if i come across the retired police officer who filed petition against Rahman, i will show him the below picture and ask

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Mr. Mohandas... "Could u please help me in searching ur PIL filed against these two??? "

"Respect True Intentions Instead Of Verifying Everything Against The Rule Book....!!!"

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dilbert Series

I have found the old famous Dilbert Series in YouTube. Iam posting one of its episode here.. Njoy..for those who are new to Dilbert Comics, this is the small desc from Wikipedia

"Dilbert (first published April 16, 1989) is an title character. The strip has spawned several books, an animated television series, a computer game, and hundreds of Dilbert-themed merchandise items. Adams has also received the National Cartoonist Society Reuben Award[1]" and Newspaper Comic Strip Award in 1997 for his work on the strip. Dilbert appears in 2000 newspapers worldwide in 65 countries and 25 languages.

Dilbert - The Name

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Friday, August 17, 2007

Windows is Free...!!!

This post is inspired from at article by Dave Gutteridge. You can find the original article here. You might have wondered Windows is known for not being free software, then why the title says windows is free? Well though Windows is priced around 15k bucks in India, I wonder how many home users really buy the original software. The money to Microsoft mostly comes from Corporate and PC Manufacturers who bundle their software along with their pc's or laptops. Well coming to my experience, when I first saw computer and start realizing what a computer is, I never knew that windows actually cost. I started using my computer in my 10th standard. At that time all I knew was windows is a operating system and its cd costs 100 rupees in the computer shop. I have seen every one in our town buying assembled pcs with so called inbuilt windows, which actually is a pirated one. It took about 1 year for me to realize that iam using a pirated version of windows and there is a concept called original software which costs more than the rate to which my computer wala sells to everyone.

Pirating proprietary software became such an easy task that many don’t even bother to know what the actual cost of the software is. I myself downloaded many softwares from the internet with out even bothering about their true price. For a common computer user, the difference between pirated and open source software is that the first need a crack to be downloaded and the second doesn’t need any of such kind.

When one don’t even think of buying a stolen laptop or wrist watch or any other item , why don’t anyone give a second of thought before buying or downloading pirated software?

Its jus bcoz we know that the original owner of the stolen thing is loosing something and we choose not to be responsible for it. But in case of softwares, everyone knows Microsoft is a giant company, bill gates is the richest man in the world, Microsoft doesn’t loose anything if I use pirated windows or I refrain from using windows coz it gets its money no matter what i do.

Another factor which attributes to this piracy-free concept, which I think Dave has missed out in his article is softwares including songs, copyrighted videos and pictures are not real physical entities. They are the things which appear in the computer and disappear when u switch off ur computer. Even in the real world, if a manufacturer has a power to replicate his product without any extra cost or if any other individual has the power to make copies and distribute his Benz car to his kith and kin and if u r given a cover so that no one can see ur real identity and u can hide the things which u steal whenever u feel like, I bet many would prefer stealing the Benz car instead of going for a Maruti, or stealing a Nike shoe instead of going for a normal local made shoe. As this doesn’t happen in real world, piracy of Benz car or a Nike shoe is never found.

I feel there must be mapping the virtual world inside the computer to the real world in order to avoid piracy or any other illegal activities.One has to be tracked of his activities on the net like he is in the real world. One cannot make multiple or fake profiles in the real world, but it’s the computer world, its common. If one knows all the activities he does on the net attribute to his profile, he thinks 1000 times before doing a wrong thing on the net including using or downloading pirated software. The reality concept can be attributed even to the software companies. The number of copies they sell should be proportional to the pricing of the product. The more number of copies, the lesser the price.

Take an example of a Benz car. The brains needed to design and develop a Benz car are more or less equivalent to that of preparing high quality Windows like software. But most of the price which a consumer pays is the costs incurred due to manufacturing of the new car but not the technology developed to build the new car. Here the estimated purchasing effect the original price of the product. This is not the case with soft wares. One builds the software, creates a license for it and sells it to any number of customers with almost negligible cost of replication.

So finally I want to conclude that, the concept of piracy in the software and computer field is not really a piracy unless the manufacturing of the software is really made mappable to manufacturing done in the real world. To all the readers who reached till here, I would like to thank for patiently listening to my thoughts.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Students secures lower grades in the externals, after looking at the mark sheet he asks professor.

Student : "Can you answer any question ? " .

Professor: "Surely I must. Otherwise I would not be a professor!"

Student: "Great, well then I would like to ask you a question. If you can give me the correct answer, I will accept my mark as is and go. If you however do not know the answer, I want you give me an "A" for the exam. "

Professor: "Okay, it's a deal. So what is the question?"

Student: "What is legal, but not logical, logical, but not legal, and neither logical, nor legal?"

Even after some long and hard consideration, the professor cannot give the student an answer, and therefore changes his exam mark into an "A", as agreed.

Afterwards, the professor calls on his best student and asks him the same question.
He immediately answers: "Sir, you are 63 years old and married to a 35 year old woman, which is legal, but not logical. Your wife has a 25 year old lover, which is logical, but not legal. The fact that you have given your wife's lover an "A", although he really should have failed, is neither legal, nor logical."

Friday, July 27, 2007

Have ever seen a small image with a string normally found in sign up forms to distinguish a human from a robot or a computer program...Well now there is another ironic idea that would probably work quite well. Anti- Captcha...!!!

The idea is that only a robot would be stupid enough to enter all that crap when you ask it, so you can reliably filter for humans. Patents pending.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

To all ARR and AAMIR fans!!!

Hey frnds, ever wondered wats gng on in AAMIR mind regarding his remake of a tamil movie GHAZINI??? Check his own blog and also see our ARR in action in his studio...

AAMIR post regarding the remake

ARR in action in his studio!!!


Saturday, July 14, 2007


If u want happiness for an hour,

take a nap...

If u want happiness for a day,

go 4 a picnic...

If u want happiness for a week,

go 4 a vacation...

If u want happiness for a month,

get married...

If u want happiness for a month,

inherit wealth...

If u want happiness for a lifetime,


Monday, July 02, 2007

Outrageously Funny Commercials.. [+18]

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Joke: Interview at Infosys

Interviewer: Tell me about yourself.
Candidate: I am Kondesh Kulkarni. I did my Tele Communication engineering from BabanRao Dhole-Patil Institute of Technology.

Interviewer: BabanRao Dhole-Patil Institute of Technology? I had never heard of this college before!
Candidate: Great! Even I had not heard of it before getting an admission into it. What happened is - due to cricket world cup I scored badly in 12th. I was getting a paid seat in a good college. But my father said (I prefer to call him 'baap') - "I cannot invest so much of money". (The baap actually said - "I will never waste so much of money on you"). So I had to join this college. Frankly speaking this name - BabanRao Dhole-Patil, can at the most be related to a Shetakari Mahavidyalaya.

Interviewer: ok, ok. It seems you have taken 6 years to complete your engineering.
Candidate : Actually I tried my best to finish it in 4 years. But you know , these cricket matches and football world cup, and tennis tournaments..It is difficult to concentrate. So I flunked in 2nd and 3rd year. So in all I took 4 + 2 = 7 years.

Interviewer: But 4+2 is 6.
Candidate: Oh, is it? You know I always had KT in maths. But I will try to keep this in mind. 4+2 is 6, good, thanks. These cricket matches really affect exams a lot. I think they should ban it.

Interviewer : Good to know that you want cricket matches to be banned.
Candidate: No, no.. I am talking about Exams!!

Interviewer: Ok, What is your biggest achievement in life?
Candidate: Obviously, completing my Engineering. My mom never thought I would complete it. In fact, when I flunked in 3rd year, she was looking for a job for me in BEST (Bus corporation in Maharashtra) through some relative ..

Interviewer: Do you have any plans of higher study?
Candidate: He he he.. Are you kidding? Completing 'lower' education itself was so much of pain!!

Interviewer: Let's talk about technical stuff. On which platforms have you worked?
Candidate: Well, I work at SEEPZ, so you can say Andheri is my current platform. Earlier I was at Vashi center. So Vashi was my platform then. As you can see I have experience of different platforms! (Vashi and Andheri are the places in Mumbai)

Interviewer: And which languages have you used?
Candidate: Marathi, Hindi, English. By the way, I can keep quiet in German, French, Russian and many other languages.

Interviewer: Why VC is better than VB?
Candidate: It is a common sense - C comes after B. So VC is a higher version than VB. I heard very soon they are coming up with a new language VD!

Interviewer : Do you know anything about Assembly Language?
Candidate : Well, I have not heard of it. But I guess, this is the language our ministers and MPs use in assembly.

Interviewer: What is your general project experience?
Candidate: My general experience about projects is - most of the times they are in pipeline!

Interviewer: Can you tell me about your current job?
Candidate: Sure, Currently I am working for Bata InfoTech ltd. Since joining BIL, I am on Bench. Before joining BIL, I used to think that Bench was another software like Windows.

Interviewer: Do you have any project management experience?
Candidate: No, but I guess it shouldn't be difficult. I know Word and Excel. I can talk a lot. I know how to dial for International phone call and use speaker facility. And very important - I know few words like - 'Showstoppers', 'hotfixes', 'SEI-CMM', 'quality', 'versioncontrol', 'deadlines', 'Customer Satisfaction' etc. Also I can blame others for my mistakes!

Interviewer: What are your expectations from our company?
Candidate: Not much.
1. I should at least get 40,000 in hand.
2. I would like to work on a live EJB project. But it should not have deadlines. I personally feel that pressure affects natural talent.
3. I believe in flexi-timings.
4. Dress code is against basic freedom, so I would like to wear t-shirt and jeans.
5. We must have sat-sun off. I will suggest wednesday off also, so as to avoid breakdown due to overwork.
6. I would like to go abroad 3 times a year on short term preferably 1-2 months) assignments. Personally I prefer US, Australia and Europe . But considering the fact that there is a world cup in West Indies in 2007,I don't mind going there in that period . As you can see I am modest and don't have many expectations. So can I assume my selection?

Interviewer: He he he ha ha ha. Thanks for your interest in our organization. In fact I was never entertained so much before. :-)) We look forward to working with you .. welcome to Infosys :-)

Friday, June 08, 2007


I think by now most of u guys might have got the invitations to signup for mGinger. mGinger is an exellent idea which pay u for receiving ads thru mobile. The concept is pretty simple. They take money frm advertisers and they pay a bit of it for those who receive it and read it from their mobile. Its still in infant stage and i hope it gains popularity among the advertisers. U guys can signup and start making lil bit of money by signing up at

I'm sure u guys wil like it...
Adobe Digital Editions

Hey frnds... if u guys r tired up with the Adobe Acrobat Reader which is getting bulkier and bulkier on every release...this is an excellent alternative for it..

Adobe Digital Editions

Its a flash based Pdf document reader which is extremely light weight and easy to use. Try this out ...once u experience it, i'm sure u guys will be busy in uninstalling BigOld Acrobat Reader... :)

Friday, June 01, 2007


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Check out this interactive chart where you can choose your occupation, education, income, and wealth and then displays your status level using these commonly used factors for gauging class. Where do you fall?

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sivaji - The Boss

Check out the trailor of the most awaited film of the year...Sivaji - The Boss

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Google in next 20 years...

This is wat Google does after 20 yrs.... ;-)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Check out the latest Videos of the recent JavaOne Conference...

Rich Green

Monday, April 02, 2007

Finishing Off In Style...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sun Tech Days 2007, Hyderabad - Day Two

Day Two - 22 Feb 2007

Well after the rockin day one, the Day two started with once again a keynote session by da
Blacky. Dis time its not jus da same old tech speeches by famous techies.After the Oracle Key
note on developing technologies,ther was Java Jacket Ipod Nano giveaway. Java Jacket was given to da top performer on the stage among 6 who were randomly chosen by da host. The winner was a girl frm Vizag who has stolen everyone hearts with her "Annamayya Keerthana". The winner was decided by the level of applause they got frm audience. Its was really fun. Then a Ipod Nano was given away to a lucky one who took part in referring his frnds abt dis event. As usual i came out with empty hands...!

Then da day two tech sessions were started. We hav attended the One VM, Many Languages session. Its was awesome. It gave insights on future virtual machine tech wher u can interleave the Scripting and Java programming. Following dis ther was Java Puzzles session. He has shown around 6 - 8 puzzles and was quizzin the audience for da answers. Actually i hav got da answers for almost 5 among them. Initially i felt shy to go to da mike and speak out da answer and later wen i was ready 2 da mike, everyone else felt shy to listen 2 me. The geek who answered da first puzzle accurately with ascii values was given a 100 $ bill by Raghav(the host for dat session).

Asusual after coming out of da session with empty hands, we made them busy in da lunch session .After the lunch we came across a loooooong line into the univ track session. We stood in dat and with few cd's and survey forms entered into da hall.

The first session was " What's Going to Happen in the Next 10 Years and What you Should Know as a Student Today". Its was really an important session for students like me who r confused how to build their career and wat their priorities must be. The main points the host made in da session were

- Importance of innovation
Many developing countries like Philippines,Vietnam r beginning 2 posses da same skills wat indians r possesing nw (i.e. The English Speaking Abilities and Grip on Technology). If dat is da case why shud da US market or other companies outsource their tech projects to india wher da countries like Vietnam and phillipines hav much cheaper currency rates? He said its da innovations dat come out of the country r their future. He suggested all da students to be passionate towards technology, show fast learning skills and more importantly show innovation. Come up with innovative ideas, start a company. Even companies like Google, Amazon were once startups. The more the startups , the more chance of them being ended up in da scale of Google, Amazon or Yahoo.

- The First Step to innovation is to learn da previous innovations
He adviced the students to join da active open source communities and learn how da earlier innovations took place. How da source code of highly performing Solaris or Java JDK were written. Understand the technology, buid ur imaginations with da help of it.
This session was da most inspiring and student oriented. Following this ther were sessions on
Java 2D and Sun Univ Program.

Finally left the Hicc with a cool Java Coffee Cup n heavily loaded material in brain to think abt it.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sun Tech Days , Hyderabad 2007 ... Day one!!!

Well its over...!!! The Third day concluded few hrs back...!!! Comin to da my review abt da event..let me jus giv a brief overview of da event 2 those who r hearing abt Sun Tech Days for
the first time.

Sun Tech Days is a worldwide developer conference conducted by Sun Microsytems inorder to update the developers and students worldwide abt the latest trends in Information technology,latest advancements in technology, and da future of Open Source Movement. As a part of da wordwide tour, luckily dis time its held in Hyderabad.Dis time da number of attendees are more than 5k and ther was live satellite streaming in Delhi and Pune.Its a three day event with sessions on various technologies..

My experiences...

The Day One - 21 Feb 2007

Well i was always been a fan of Sun Microsystems as i luv da way they brand da technologies...The venue for dis event is Hyderabad International Convention Centre. Hav 2 accept dat its truly world class!!! It has highly sophicticated equipment and spaciour seminar hall which can easily accomodate more than 5000 at once. Right frm da moment we entered the hall and took our seats, we started experiencing da Sun Branding. The Sun Tech Days stage, da Sun Balls running around da audiences, the laser projected Sun logo running all over place on the walls.Then da lights turned off and da 4 large LCD screens activated, ther comes the splashing into of Sun Microsystems and its technologies. It was really mind blowing.Following the intro ther comes the Host of da show...a US blacky more than 6 feet tall n with a "Guru" style body language. Da way he hosted da key note was awesome.There were a brief speeches by Sun Micro India head Mr. Bhaskar, followed by B. Ramalinga raju, and Rich Green( Sun Vice President). Rich Green gave his insight on the evolving Web 2DotO followed by a rapidfire demo session on da hot technologies of Sun.

Later da big hall was split up into two sections to facilitate two tracks simuntaneosly. Track 1 was more of Java EE where as Track2 concentrated on Java SE and simultaneouslyTrack 3 for Java ME,Track 4 for Open Solaris.

We attended the Track 1 initially which was a session on Project GlassFish, an open source project to device the new Java EE 5. It was truly an odd one off all sessions. The speaker Carol McDonald doesnt seem 2 hav gud command on the topic she was presenting. Underestimating da audience she started the Q n A session. As everyone knw indians r rock solid wen in comes 2 technology, they flooded her with ques and she literally gav a blank face n gav it up finally!!!

"Dear Sun Team we love u for ur technologies but dont underestimate standards of indians"

Anyways frm then da session were truly world class. The speakers were truly amazing and presented their technologies with excellent command and answered the audience questions with amazing ease.I have attended da session on Java Derby, followed by Application Development in Solaris,Opensourcing Java etc...

Finally after streneous tech sessions, there comes da mind boggling show of 'KK'. His songs choice was fabulous and it made even da geeks jump around da dias.The final impression on day one can be stated in a single word "Truly World Class". The way they handled the 5k+ crowd was excellent. be continued(watch out for day two)
Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista

Yahoo has started developing a brand new version of Yahoo! Messenger, specially created for Windows Vista. They say the new software is built from scratch and it aims to combine the reliable and easy-to-use features of Messenger with the cutting-edge experience of Vista.

The new version is not available just yet, but they have published a set of 4 screenshots, and they simply look amazing. You may check them out below. Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

Sports widget, tabbed conversations, chat window, contact list.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Which search engine do u use for ur web search???


Well hav u ever thought are ther any features that Google Search is missing???


But these felas found out few things and basing upon them they devised a new search engine...surely u wil be surprised if u hav a look at it...

The moment u hover over the below link, u wil start experiencing Snap!!!

Try it out n hav fun...

Snap Search

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year...!!!

Well frankly speakin it was a very sad moment bidding farewell to 2006,the luckiest year of my life. These were da most happenin moments n highlights 2006

1. Our industrial tour. Since my childhood i hav never been 2 any tour due to some reason or da other...but finally it happened as we all went 2 industrial tour during sankranthi period. It was really fun with picturisque munnar,seminar in Ionidea,Clean n empty allepey beach,Nite at campfire,Dance in da bus while on our way 2 munnar,games in da train and a lot more...

2.The Gate Examination. After da most memorable industrial tour,then came da GATE examination in february.I havent prepared anything for da exam,jus gave a blind attempt,finally wen da results r was a shock...i have got 95.1 percentile with AIR rank of 1004.Still im unable 2 belive hw i got dat. Thoughim unable 2 make it 2 da IIT's or NIT's,da result was quite surprising for da level of my preparation...

3.The Fifa World Cup 2006. This was another fun package after da boring n hectic externalz came 2 an end.Though it disappointed me a bit coz of wasa pool of surprises...the best match is France vs Spain wher France beated spain with stategy.

4.The Java Certification. Well..though i was enjoyin da Fifa world cup, i had da burden preparing for Sun Certified Java Programmer examination...My bro forced me 2 write it though its nt usualy written by da expected, my prep was average...and dared 2 take da exam with it...Kudos!!! I cleared it dat too witha gud score of 51/61 ques. It gave a lot of confidence and a sense of achievement after a looong time.It made my mental strength rock solid for da upcoming campusinterviews.

5.August 5th. It can be considered as the most memorable day of my life.Me getting a Job in Cognizant!!! It was a hectic schedule,went 2 college by 7-30,waiting forwritten test 2 start,then for da results of it...n den my turn 2 attend da interview. I donno wat happened 2 me wen i went inside,i was very much confortable and gave rock solid replies 2 da ques asked by da interviewer.It was almost certain dat i wil be in by da time i completed my interview. Then came da strange moments...da results wer announced, my best friend n me got in da same company but da other didnt...for everyones surprise i cried for my friends whose name wasn't ther in da list.Even i was surprised seeing tears rollin out of my eyes... n den after a while i cheered up myself n informed my parents n bro regardin my placement...and felt da real happiness in their response.Overall i was da most memorable day of my life...

6.The TCS Internship. This is another entry into my surprise achievements in 2006.We went 2 giv a casual try n hav a luk at Hitech city as i hav never been der earlier...Da test was a bit easy... n with a lil bit of fortune...i hav got a mail frm tcs informin about da internship offer.Well...rite nw me doin my project in TCS.

Well...overall 2006 has changed my world... its most njoyin,successful year in my life till date...hope 2007 wil be better dan 2006 not only 2 me but 2 all my near n dear..