Sunday, May 22, 2011

Flakey GTalk Connection in iChat

If you are finding your GTalk connection in ur IChat getting timed out every 15 seconds with a message saying 'IChat lost connection to jabber account xxxx' , you are not alone. After some tiring search in google to resolution, I found the following work around.

Go to your IChat preferences, select your account and uncheck use my computer name check box.

I dont think any human being with a normal mind can guess this workaround but someone managed to find it. 

Hope this helps.

Posted via email from Sravan Sarraju

Saturday, May 07, 2011


LOVE is undoubtedly one of the most confused word where people take their own meanings depending upon context, situation and person. People say its impossible to define Love. Its not that tough either.

It would be a dream for a person to find a person who 

who loves you unconditionally regardless of your love towards him/her.
who feels happy for your success but not for your paycheck.
who feels happy if you buy things which keeps you happy than buying gifts for him/her.
who feels happy with your presence but not for your fashion.
who feels encourages when you fail but instead of finding faults in you.
who expects nothing in return but a mere confidence that you are happy.
who keeps loving you even if you lose everything in life

You think its impossible to find such person? Yes its near impossible to find another such person but we all have one already.


Though I don't believe in celebrating a single day for this amazing person, I don't want to waste this opportunity to bow my head and salute to her. 

Happy Mothers Day! 

Posted via email from Sravan Sarraju