Thursday, August 23, 2007

PIL against Rahman, Mittal for ‘slighting’ Anthem

A public interest litigation (PIL) has been filed in the Madras High Court against music composer A R Rahman and AirTel Chairman Sunil Mittal on the charge of dishonouring and commercialising the National Anthem.

On Independence Day, the Anthem, sung by 35 persons to the music set by Rahman, was telecast in some TV channels. J Mohanraj (55), a retired inspector of Chennai, has filed the PIL seeking stay on the sale of CDs and telecast of Rahman’s version and direction to the Government to confiscate the CDs.

“It has been stipulated in the anthem code that the longer version of the anthem should be sung in 52 seconds. But, these singers have violated the code by rendering the anthem for 98 to 110 seconds, Mohanraj told this website’s newspaper.

Second, when this “remix” was telecast, viewers were in various positions and thus unable to pay respect due prescribed. This amounts to dishonouring the anthem, V Manikandan, legal counsel said.

Further, the anthem has been “tampered with” for commercial benefits in the garb of patriotism. “Rahman has handled the anthem as if it were a cinema song,” Mohanraj added.
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This is the recent news i came across...!!! I don't want to talk much about dis issue. But if i come across the retired police officer who filed petition against Rahman, i will show him the below picture and ask

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Mr. Mohandas... "Could u please help me in searching ur PIL filed against these two??? "

"Respect True Intentions Instead Of Verifying Everything Against The Rule Book....!!!"

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