Thursday, October 11, 2007


Well Well Well, ladies and gentleman, bhayiyo our behano.

Finally the day has come!!! The day for which i have been waiting ever since 4 years right after my EAMCET counselling.

The day which gave my parents, my brother, my bhabhi, my friends, my well wishers…the loads of happiness.

The day which gave me loads of self satisfaction. Before you imagine something else, i will jus tell u what it is…its the day when i have cleared all four interviews of oracle.

Well it may not be among the greatest achievements for a student, but for me it really is. There is a valid reason for it. I haven’t studied in a great school, not a great rank in EAMCET, not from premier institutes like IIT's or IISc's and haven’t got great percentage either. But still i have managed to do get into a big product development company...

Its time for celebrations…my next post will be my interview experience from round 1 to round 4. Keep visiting dis space…

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