Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Reality

People say Congress is great or NDA was better or Third front is best. There are infinite debates goining on everywhere to resolve who is better. NDA or UPA or Third Front or XYZ party. But if we have careful look at the reality there are lot major issues which are ignored by both the parties from last 50 years

1. Education

Can you ever think of joining your kids in a government school in todays competition? If that is the case, just imagine the fate of the people who cannot afford costly education. What will be their future in coming years?

2. Food

42 percent of Indian Population is below poverty line. That means in every 10 people around you, 4 are struggling to even survive. What makes India Shining?

3. Corruption

Take an example of a young intellectual who wants to start a small business, To start his company, he should also start the corruption spree right from giving bribe to the local police wala, Revenue Department, VAT agencies, Service Tax agencies etc etc and the list goes on.

4. Unemployment

How many of youngsters who have graduated are getting decent jobs such that they can buy a home for themselves and lead a happy life? As population is increasing day by day, imagine the fate of the next generation if no proper opportunities are created

5. Infrastructure

We worry about the incomplete flyovers and traffic, people in rural areas don't even have proper drainage facilities and toilets.

The list of problems go on and on.

The moral of the story is the great Gandhi Congress or UPA, BJP or NDA, the third, fourth, fifth fronts spent 80 percent of their power to feed their kith and kin and increase their bank balances. The poor man is becoming poorer as he cannot afford corruption and rich is getting richer as he can afford corruption.

When a small government clerk job needs candidates of no criminal record, how come Members of Parliament or Legislative Assembly are exempted? Isn't it just because the law makers themselves are criminals?

Now the only thing which can rescue us are the two most underrated rights given by constitution.

1. Right to Vote
2. Freedom of Speech

Being educated, it becomes our responsibility to realize the facts, exercise our vote judiciously and make the uneducated and innocent people who are victims of our political system. Remember Matrix Movie, machines using humans as mere batteries for power. The same is happening here. The current political system forcing the poor and uneducated to remain in their current state, cashing their ignorance and their mere instinct for survival.

Good to see the advent of media and its reach to rural areas, educating the people and reflecting where exactly we are and whom exactly we are electing as our leaders.

I hope this change will become a revolution and hope there comes a day when every Indian has a 3 day meal, works for eight hours, enjoy with family and sleep in his own house.

Friends, I request instead of voting for a better idiot, Either void your vote or vote for a party with clean record.

If you are planning to void your vote

You can refer to this link for more info

Since the ballot paper / Electronic voting machine (EVM) contains only the list of candidates, a voter cannot record his vote under Section 49-O directly. He must inform the presiding officer at the election booth. This violates the secrecy of the ballot. However, with paper ballot a different method is used to "waste" ones vote, which is stamping on multiple candidates. In fact this was the standard method of giving null votes without violating secrecy before the advent of the EVM.

At present, in an election, a winner will be declared irrespective of the number of 'non-votes'. However, a note of every 'non-vote' will be made with the Election Officer, and the total number of non-voters will, presumably, be available under the Right to Information Act.

Though this article is not implemented, the number of non votes i.e. void votes will be registered and published. This count can force the SC or government n future to implement 49-O.

Not participating in Voting process is like watching your own house burning though you have a bucket of water in your hand and a cell phone to call fire station.

It's time for all of us to rush and save our house before the fire catches up and burns us away!!!


Soujanya Vullam said...

nice and informative..I wonder who understands this..though few understand they ignore..

Rohan Nigam said...

Too long. Also the little brain that i have refuses to respond to most of the stuff written here.

Soujanya Vullam said...

I read it again..touching line.."I hope this change will become a revolution and hope there comes a day when every Indian has a 3 day meal, works for eight hours, enjoy with family and sleep in his own house."