Friday, January 07, 2011

SKC recommends Loksatta proposal of Local Govts to achieve real development

Justice Sri Krishna Committee on "Telangana" emphasized the need of "Democratic decentralization & good governance". 
Page 414 of the SKC report says-

"Genuine decentralization would probably be a more resilient way of addressing the demands of different social groups and classes. As discussed elsewhere in the report, it is not the size of the state that matters but the quality of governance and the responsiveness of the state to its various regional and social constituencies that is important. "

which is same as the report submitted by Lok Satta.

Page 5 of the Lok Satta's report says

"Lok Satta Party stresses genuine empowerment and citizen-centered governance as the need of the hour: poverty, backwardness, corruption, lack of opportunity and unemployment are caused by failed policies, mis-governance and the politics of plunder, leading to kleptocracy. Merely a change of the State's name or boundaries or capital will not alter anything unless fundamental governance reforms are ushered in."

And its well known that LSP advocated for decentralization & local govts which is also recommended in page 31 & 34 of LSP report.

Information Courtesy : Loksatta Party Official Community (Orkut)

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