Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sun Tech Days 2007, Hyderabad - Day Two

Day Two - 22 Feb 2007

Well after the rockin day one, the Day two started with once again a keynote session by da
Blacky. Dis time its not jus da same old tech speeches by famous techies.After the Oracle Key
note on developing technologies,ther was Java Jacket Ipod Nano giveaway. Java Jacket was given to da top performer on the stage among 6 who were randomly chosen by da host. The winner was a girl frm Vizag who has stolen everyone hearts with her "Annamayya Keerthana". The winner was decided by the level of applause they got frm audience. Its was really fun. Then a Ipod Nano was given away to a lucky one who took part in referring his frnds abt dis event. As usual i came out with empty hands...!

Then da day two tech sessions were started. We hav attended the One VM, Many Languages session. Its was awesome. It gave insights on future virtual machine tech wher u can interleave the Scripting and Java programming. Following dis ther was Java Puzzles session. He has shown around 6 - 8 puzzles and was quizzin the audience for da answers. Actually i hav got da answers for almost 5 among them. Initially i felt shy to go to da mike and speak out da answer and later wen i was ready 2 da mike, everyone else felt shy to listen 2 me. The geek who answered da first puzzle accurately with ascii values was given a 100 $ bill by Raghav(the host for dat session).

Asusual after coming out of da session with empty hands, we made them busy in da lunch session .After the lunch we came across a loooooong line into the univ track session. We stood in dat and with few cd's and survey forms entered into da hall.

The first session was " What's Going to Happen in the Next 10 Years and What you Should Know as a Student Today". Its was really an important session for students like me who r confused how to build their career and wat their priorities must be. The main points the host made in da session were

- Importance of innovation
Many developing countries like Philippines,Vietnam r beginning 2 posses da same skills wat indians r possesing nw (i.e. The English Speaking Abilities and Grip on Technology). If dat is da case why shud da US market or other companies outsource their tech projects to india wher da countries like Vietnam and phillipines hav much cheaper currency rates? He said its da innovations dat come out of the country r their future. He suggested all da students to be passionate towards technology, show fast learning skills and more importantly show innovation. Come up with innovative ideas, start a company. Even companies like Google, Amazon were once startups. The more the startups , the more chance of them being ended up in da scale of Google, Amazon or Yahoo.

- The First Step to innovation is to learn da previous innovations
He adviced the students to join da active open source communities and learn how da earlier innovations took place. How da source code of highly performing Solaris or Java JDK were written. Understand the technology, buid ur imaginations with da help of it.
This session was da most inspiring and student oriented. Following this ther were sessions on
Java 2D and Sun Univ Program.

Finally left the Hicc with a cool Java Coffee Cup n heavily loaded material in brain to think abt it.

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