Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sun Tech Days , Hyderabad 2007 ... Day one!!!

Well its over...!!! The Third day concluded few hrs back...!!! Comin to da my review abt da event..let me jus giv a brief overview of da event 2 those who r hearing abt Sun Tech Days for
the first time.

Sun Tech Days is a worldwide developer conference conducted by Sun Microsytems inorder to update the developers and students worldwide abt the latest trends in Information technology,latest advancements in technology, and da future of Open Source Movement. As a part of da wordwide tour, luckily dis time its held in Hyderabad.Dis time da number of attendees are more than 5k and ther was live satellite streaming in Delhi and Pune.Its a three day event with sessions on various technologies..

My experiences...

The Day One - 21 Feb 2007

Well i was always been a fan of Sun Microsystems as i luv da way they brand da technologies...The venue for dis event is Hyderabad International Convention Centre. Hav 2 accept dat its truly world class!!! It has highly sophicticated equipment and spaciour seminar hall which can easily accomodate more than 5000 at once. Right frm da moment we entered the hall and took our seats, we started experiencing da Sun Branding. The Sun Tech Days stage, da Sun Balls running around da audiences, the laser projected Sun logo running all over place on the walls.Then da lights turned off and da 4 large LCD screens activated, ther comes the splashing into of Sun Microsystems and its technologies. It was really mind blowing.Following the intro ther comes the Host of da show...a US blacky more than 6 feet tall n with a "Guru" style body language. Da way he hosted da key note was awesome.There were a brief speeches by Sun Micro India head Mr. Bhaskar, followed by B. Ramalinga raju, and Rich Green( Sun Vice President). Rich Green gave his insight on the evolving Web 2DotO followed by a rapidfire demo session on da hot technologies of Sun.

Later da big hall was split up into two sections to facilitate two tracks simuntaneosly. Track 1 was more of Java EE where as Track2 concentrated on Java SE and simultaneouslyTrack 3 for Java ME,Track 4 for Open Solaris.

We attended the Track 1 initially which was a session on Project GlassFish, an open source project to device the new Java EE 5. It was truly an odd one off all sessions. The speaker Carol McDonald doesnt seem 2 hav gud command on the topic she was presenting. Underestimating da audience she started the Q n A session. As everyone knw indians r rock solid wen in comes 2 technology, they flooded her with ques and she literally gav a blank face n gav it up finally!!!

"Dear Sun Team we love u for ur technologies but dont underestimate standards of indians"

Anyways frm then da session were truly world class. The speakers were truly amazing and presented their technologies with excellent command and answered the audience questions with amazing ease.I have attended da session on Java Derby, followed by Application Development in Solaris,Opensourcing Java etc...

Finally after streneous tech sessions, there comes da mind boggling show of 'KK'. His songs choice was fabulous and it made even da geeks jump around da dias.The final impression on day one can be stated in a single word "Truly World Class". The way they handled the 5k+ crowd was excellent. be continued(watch out for day two)


pelegri said...

Hi Sravan. Sorry about the quality of the GlassFish presentation. I'll find out what happened and work with the organizers of Sun TechDays to ensure it does not happen again. Would you be interested in a GF-focused presentation at Hyderabad? If so, is there a Java UG or somewhere that you would recommend us to contact? Thanks, - eduard/o

Sri said...
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Sravan Kumar Sarraju said...

Dats a very nice gesture from u Mr. Pelegri...hope those small mistakes will not be repeated again in future.Iam not in any Java UG of Hyd. I have got enough information reagrding glassfish over the net and im currently playin around with it...thank u very much..

divya said...

hi..... I have attended the sun tech days that was held in Hyderabad a couple of months back. I attended the training, but then we did not get any hard copies of any of the sessions. I am very keen to get the code for a session named Sun Technical Demo which happened on Feb 21st from 10.45 am to 11.15 am. I would be very grateful to in case you can help me in this regard.